Founded in 1996, we are specializing in the design and manufacture of demi-fine and fashion jewelry. With tens of thousands of jewelry kinds, we have highly skilled silver and gold craftsman to ensure both quality and beauty of jewelry.

Exclusive Customization for Jewelers

We are committed to providing quality and innovation in all projects we undertake. We do all the heavy lifting from conception to completion, including design technology and comprehensive CAD/CAM services, to meet each brand’s specific needs. OEM and ODM are welcomed. Simply select your desired materials and provide a sample or sketch, and XCE will bring your vision to life.


Jewelry Technique

XCE sets itself apart by leading the industry in the adoption of the latest technology. Our clients recognize that they are getting outstanding, professional service using the most modern techniques and equipment.

High machining accuracy within 0.05~0.1mm and manufacturing flexibility and efficiency, providing complex jewelry structures.


The stamping process of jewelry is to emboss the pattern, then shape it, and finally combine the joints with solder so that the finished jewelry can be made.


It is a craft that combines craftsmanship and art with high technical requirements and complex production processes that allows for a fusion of Chinese and Western.

 Micro Pavé Setting
Micro Pavé Setting

XCE Micro Pavé Setting uses slim prongs that make stones shine and make jewelry looks more delicate and beautiful.


A satin-matte (sometimes called "brushed") finish is achieved by using a fine-grained surface and brushing it in one direction. There are many techniques and tools we can use to create the brushed look.

Special Stone Setting
Special Stone Setting

We can make well-shaped stones on the bracelet, such as heart-shaped stones that match well with the silver jewelry to decorate the product with delicacy and high quality.

Highest technical representative

Lion King

About Us

Founded in 1996, Guang Zhou Xinchuang Yi Jewelry Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive jewelry factory integrating design, R&D, manufacture, and sales. Now, it is a well-established enterprise, with leading and complete technology in China.

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Customer Testimonials

As the owner of EL-EM Trading, I am proudly doing business with Guang Zhou Xinchuang Yi Jewelry Co., Ltd. since 2014, which has manufactured for my company over 1 million pieces of jewelry. They by far exceed expectations a customer could have while manufacturing jewelry abroad. If you're searching for a jewelry manufacturer, I urge you to give them a shot and see what they can offer you. I guarantee you that Guang Zhou Xinchuang Yi Jewelry Co., Ltd. is completely trustworthy. The success rate for different projects ranges from 90% to 99%, but what I liked most was that they are responsible for any mistakes, which is not common in China. Once you get to know this amazing company, you will not have a choice but to build a long-lasting relationship with them.

Eli Meloul
President of EL-EM Trading

Rosny Jewelry has been collaborating with Guang Zhou Xinchuang Yi Jewelry Co., Ltd. since 2016. Excellent, top-notch goods are offered by Guang Zhou Xinchuang Yi Jewelry Co., Ltd. at reasonable costs with prompt delivery. Throughout our six-year business relationship, Guang Zhou Xinchuang Yi Jewelry Co., Ltd. has provided us with fantastic customer service and support. We greatly thank Guang Zhou Xinchuang Yi Jewelry Co., Ltd. for their standard of excellence and their continued work with us over the past 6 years.

Ruby C
Owner of Rosny Jewelry

We've been working since 2017. During this time, we have collaborated on a lot of fantastic collections and there are never any issues with the collaboration. They produce wonderful patterns--stylish and versatile, and they are constantly receptive to suggestions for altering the patterns. It's a very professional company that offers advice and shares its knowledge. The representatives are also quite easy to get in touch with.

Purchasing Manager

I'm currently on a business trip, so I won't be placing a new order for a few weeks, but I just checked and the last one didn't include 10 to 12 items, which I really appreciate. Besides, I just reviewed the previous one and found seven items, which can probably be intriguing once again. Excellent effort! Additionally, I will use a few of the examples you sent me with the most recent shipment for my inventory and will order more of them with my upcoming purchase.

Company CEO

Simply put, here is my TRUE testimony: Since 1988, we have produced and sold wholesale and retail jewelry. In 2010 we began working with the XIN CHUANG LI jewelry house. After learning that XIN CHUANG LI could complete all of the services we needed from beginning to end, we decided to close our factory in 2012. Simply said, we have fewer issues now because there are no production costs, designers, staff, or headaches. Thank you XIN CHUANG LI for adding value to the jewelry industry with your professionalism and credibility. You’re the best.

Roland dagger
NewYou Jewelry Company

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