Eight Best Jewelry Chain Designs - Xin Chuang Yi


There are numerous types of gold and silver chains available, each with a unique function and set of benefits for the wearer. Some chain designs are perfect for wearing on their own for regular wear or special occasions, as well as some that are appropriate for particular situations. The top 8 jewelry chain designs are listed below.


Anchor Chain

Anchor Chain is a strong type of chain that is based on the ones used at ports and dockyards to tow large and small marine vessels. Oval-shaped links make up this nautical chain link, which is significantly thicker than our trace chain yet nearly identical.
Some types of anchor chains have continuously rounded smooth surfaces. Others have smooth exterior surfaces made by the diamond cutting technique.


Ball and Bead Chain


A connector is used to thread spherically shaped beads with pinholes through a single silver wire to create the ball chain, also known as the bead chain. To create a complete chain, each ball is spaced out throughout the entire length at regular intervals. These are referred to as dog tags and are often constructed of stainless steel for durability. Ball chains are a very popular type of jewelry and are currently produced in a wide range of sizes, forms, and finishes, which adds to their allure.


Chain Belcher

The Belcher chain sometimes referred to as a Rolo (Italian for "round") chain, is constructed from a D-shaped wire that is then cut and fashioned into individual round or oval links that are linked together. The chain is created by closing and soldering each link. One of our featured hot choices is the Belcher Rolo chain because of its understated style and adaptability as a stand-alone chain or to wear with just about any pendant of preference.


Box Chain

Box Chain is additionally referred to as a Briolette, Cube, Square Link, and Venetian chain. The Box Chain is a variation on the Belcher chain constructed from a thin, rectangular wire that has been bent into a square. The chain is then made by tightly interlocking each square link one after the other. The end product is a stunning geometric chain with a contemporary, streamlined appearance. The Box chain can be worn alone or with pendants.


Curb Chain


Since curb chains may be found with strong, large links, they are a highly popular option, especially among men. The curb is made out of flat, interlocking links that are all the same size.
Because they were created manually and took a lot of time, historical linkages were typically quite large. Curb chains are now, however, accessible in smaller, more feminine sizes thanks to the development of contemporary machinery. On the other hand, diamond cut or twisted curb chains typically reflect the most light and go well with pendants.


Figaro Chain


The popular Italian opera The Marriage of Figaro is the inspiration for the name of the Figaro chain, which has its roots in Italy. It is a flat link chain like the curb chain, but it has a pattern of two or three interlocking circular links, then one long rectangular link. Men love Figaro chains, which are the ideal accessory when embellished with a pendant.


Snake Chain

The snake chain is a popular jewelry design worn by both men and women because it is sleek, silky, and seductive. To create a continuous tube, the tubular links that are made up of tiny circular wavy sheets are securely linked. Its name refers to how much it resembles a snake due to its flexibility and modest zig-zag pattern.


Byzantine Chain

The Byzantine style, sometimes known as "birdcage" or "Etruscan," is a clear homage to the former Byzantine Empire. This chain's ornate pattern gives it a woven appearance. Additionally, the design used, which arranges circular links from various angles, is elaborate and complex. Wearing a necklace chain that is the correct style for you will be enjoyable, and it will make whatever outfit you wear look better. To learn how to wear your pendant necklace with confidence, read this article.