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Marriage is the most important commitment in one's life, so the attitude of contemporary young people towards marriage is becoming more and more sincere and religious. Engagement, as a prelude to marriage, is a testimony of love and family. Although the engagement ceremony will not be as grand and grand as a formal wedding, it is also full of sweetness in the details. Engagement rings are mainly diamond rings, and there are various styles. Because of the different occasions and times of wearing, there are often more choices. Check out our new arrivals to help brides choose the one they want.



Halo Inlay

This kind of setting is centered on a central gemstone, surrounded by smaller diamonds, to set off the main stone and create a feeling of stars holding the moon. As an engagement ring, this kind of ring can also express the cherishing feeling of holding the lover in the palm, and increase the overall fire of the diamond. It is a traditional and modern interpretation, and it is more beautiful.


Pavé Inlay


Set the entire band with very small diamonds for a very sparkling look. Its biggest feature is that each small diamond seems to be independent, but it is covered with the entire ring, closely connected, and fused to present a very fiery color, shining on the fingertips, showing different styles from different angles. 


Tension Set Engagement Ring

A tension-set engagement ring is a more modern style of an engagement ring in which the diamond is held in place by the tension of the setting so that the diamond appears to float in the air. This style of ring has no prongs. A tension-set engagement ring is a safer diamond ring style because the entire ring holds the diamond in a tighter position than a fork setting. Since a tension diamond ring exposes the entire diamond, the shape and cut of the diamond are extremely important. Of these, round, princess, and emerald cut diamonds are popular choices for tension-setting rings.


Oval Engagement Ring

Oval diamonds help to make people with shorter fingers look longer and have the advantage of being unbreakable with rounded edges, elegant in temperament, and fire in bright faceted styles. Oval diamonds have gained popularity in recent years.



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