Silver Jewelry Cleaning and Maintenance Methods


Why Do Silver Jewelry Turn Black and Fade?


Oxidation Reaction


Blackened silver jewelry may be due to an oxidation reaction. Silver is a relatively active metal, and can form a black oxide on its surface when it comes in contact with oxygen. When silver jewelry is exposed to the air for a long time, the sulfur element in the air will react with silver ions and produce the black oxide, which will cause the silver jewelry to turn black.


Do Not Regularly Clean Silver Jewelry


A silver piece of jewelry may also turn black if it is not cared for properly. Over time, the metal will accumulate a large amount of dirt, dust, and other impurities from food and drink that will adhere to the surface. If you do not regularly clean silver jewelry, the color of the jewelry will change over time.


So, How Can We Maintain Silver Jewelry?


Pay Attention to the Chemical Composition

Do not wear silver jewelry when bathing, hair dyeing, or beauty care. It should also be kept away from chemicals such as soap and shampoo. When wearing silver jewelry at ordinary times, if the silver jewelry is often contacted with cosmetics, perfumes, detergents, shower gels, and other products, the chemical components in these products will corrode the silver jewelry and change its color.


Keep It Dry


To keep your silver shiny, wipe it with a soft cotton cloth after wearing it every day. Sweat from your body is acidic and will chemically react with the silver plating, turning it black.


Treat It Tenderly


When wearing and taking off silver jewelry, be careful not to pull too hard. Silver is a soft metal that can deform and break easily, so take it easy when you're wearing or taking it off to avoid damaging it. Silver ornaments containing 18K gold plating and three-dimensional sculptures should be avoided to prevent their luster from fading due to deliberate wiping.